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Basic classification of information variety of LED panel lamp
Mar 16, 2018

Basic classification of information variety of LED panel lamp

LED panel lamp has a very rich variety of information, but it can be divided into three categories:

LED panel light information, LED panel lights made by the power of 3528 or 5050 patch LED, the power supply is generally used by resistance capacitance step-down circuit, there are also some LED panel lamp manufacturers by constant current circuit, compared strawhat type LED, SMD LED cooling slightly better, with a heat conducting substrate, in aluminum plate, can be a part of the heat.

To say a LED panel lights, or due to ignore the LED heat, many power SMD LED lamp panel, no radiator, still use plastic shell, light is still serious. The low end power supply with resistance and pressure reduction is used, because the voltage is unstable, the current fluctuates, the brightness also fluctuates, the price is moderate, and the quality is slightly better.

LED panel light information two, LED panel lights made of high power chip LED, power supply generally uses constant current isolation circuit, which has a constant current, such as 5W LED, usually with 5 1 watt LED chip series, powered by the current source of constant current 300mA, wide voltage power supply, the the power fluctuations, the current does not change, the brightness of luminous flux is maintained constant, 5 piece of LED welding in aluminum plate, aluminum plate based on the radiator, the use of heat can be quickly dispersed, ensure that the LED chip LED allows the temperature below the junction temperature, so as to ensure real and effective life of LED lamp panel. This kind of LED panel lamp is of high price and good quality. It is also the direction of the development of LED panel lamp.

LED panel lamp information three, the LED energy saving lamp made of straw hat type small power LED, the power supply adopts the resistance resistance and depressurization circuit.

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