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Do you know what role the panel diffuser plays?
Oct 26, 2017

Do you know what role the panel diffuser plays?

Do you know what role the panel diffuser plays? The main function of the diffusion panel of LED panel light is to export the light of the light guide plate evenly. Besides, it can also play the role of fuzzy dot. The diffuser board used in the market is usually made of acrylic 2 sheet or PC / PS material, and different materials have different effects when guiding light.

The cost of acrylic is low and the transmittance is slightly higher than that of PC. The brittleness and anti-aging property of acrylic is weak. The price of PC is somewhat expensive, but the anti-aging property is strong. When the diffuser board is installed, the dot can not be seen, and the light transmittance is about 90%. Acrylic light transmittance of 92%, PC is 88%, PS about 80%, you can according to the needs of the choice of diffusion plate material, most manufacturers are using acrylic material.

LED panel light guide plate Huahui lighting using imported MITSUBISHI light, high rate of imported diffusion plate, high transmittance, soft and uniform light effect, no dark zone, high luminous efficiency, no glare.

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