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How to distinguish LED panel light diffuser and guide plate?
Jan 21, 2018

LED Panel Light Guide plate is the use of optical-grade acrylic PC plate, and then with a very high reflectivity and does not absorb the light of high-tech materials, in the optical level of acrylic plate substrate with UV screen printing technology printed on the light point. The use of optical-grade acrylic sheet to absorb light from the light in the optical-grade acrylic sheet on the surface of the rest, when the light beam to each guide point, the reflected light will be spread to all angles, and then destroy the reflection conditions from the guide plate face shot. Through a variety of density, different sizes of guide light point, can make the guide plate even light. The purpose of the reflector is to reflect the light from the bottom surface back to the light guide plate, and to improve the efficiency of the use.

LED panel lamp Diffuser is the light in the forward process to penetrate other media so caused by the scattering phenomenon, as long as two different media light from A to B will cause the refractive index or interference material to cause the light to penetrate or reflect or absorb, the penetrating part will be dispersed by the so-called light diffusion, it has three physical phenomena.

Functional differences:

The main function of the diffusion plate is: 1, scatter the luminous flux, let the light evenly distribute (partial compound diffusion plate Besides let the light uniformity, also can control the ejection angle; 2, support the backlight structure, protect the following optical material damage.)

The main function of light guide plate is: 1. The luminous flux of LED panel lamp Point Light source is evenly distributed throughout the face. His key role is to guide the distribution of Light, 2, using the reflection mechanism to use the luminous flux more efficiently and control the light distribution.

application area difference:

1, acrylic diffusion plate for direct light-emitting light source LED lighting, such as direct light-emitting LED panel lights;

2, the PC guide plate suitable for side light-emitting light source LED lighting, such as side light-emitting LED flat light, integrated ceiling LED panel lights, usually with the spread of the use of the board.