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How to understand the knowledge of LED panel lamp
Dec 09, 2017

How to understand the knowledge of LED panel lamp

LED panel lamp is widely used in offices, schools, hospitals, shopping malls, home and other places because of its uniformity of illumination, high indication, light and even soft and comfortable. It has become the best product to replace traditional grille lamp in LED era.

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The main structure of LED lamp panel comprises a frame, a diffusion plate, light guide plate, a lamp, a driving power supply, aluminum plate and other components.

1, frame: frame strength influence durability

The frame is an important part of the panel lamp, and the high strength frame makes the panel light more durable. The frame frame of the LED panel lamp is used in different materials, and its heat dissipation performance is not the same. According to statistics, the main frame materials of current panel lamps are mainly aluminum alloy, steel, PC, A6063, aluminum plastic, steel and other materials.

2. Diffusion plate: different transmittance of different materials

The diffusion plate is the role of the light guide plate is evenly dispersed, but also play the role of the fuzzy network, the use of materials include PC, PS, acrylic etc..

It is understood that acrylic transmittance is 92%, PC is 88%, PS is probably 80%, acrylic material transmittance is higher than PC, and the cost is low, and its anti-aging performance is weak, while PC material price is expensive, but anti-aging performance is strong.

3, light guide plate: the plate has a great influence on the light effect

The role of light guide plate is to refract the rays parallel to the direction of the light transmitting plate to perpendicular to the direction of the light transmitting plate, and to refract the light rays of the light guide plate to the back side of the panel lamp and reflect it again by the reflective paper. In this process, but also as far as possible to reduce decay, in general, light efficiency of the light guide plate depends largely on the network design, followed by the selection board.

4, power supply: high efficiency of constant current mode

There are two driving power modes for LED lamps, one is constant current power supply, which has high efficiency, PF value up to 0.95, high cost performance, and the other is constant voltage and constant current power supply, which has stable performance, but low efficiency and high cost.

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