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How will LED panel lights develop in the future?
Nov 03, 2017

How will LED panel lights develop in the future?

Look at the LED panel light since the development has been five or six years in the LED industry is a relatively long time, a long form toward the market, now LED panel light has entered the tired state, although this year there are some new products out of attempts, such as borderless panel lamp integration panel light, but the market reaction is not very good, all these are not new, can only be said to be an excessive product, so LED panel light future development on the one hand should go where?

The future of LED panel lamp mainly towards safety and environmental protection, simple trend of development, according to hearsay, Linsen lighting beads has partnered with several companies, developed a new type of LED lamp, the lamp is not low bulb, new LED lamp can directly save the driving power, which will be a breakthrough. LED panel light in the future is not driven, security is more high, from a consumer perspective, it also save a lot of money

Ruixin lighting has already seen the market weakness, there will be a new product to stimulate the market, have also been developing new LED panel light efforts, combined with the new LED, I believe that there will be a new LED panel light a lot of people can use Jujia lighting in the next year, the market will re LED panel light out of the new height.

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