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Introduction of new embossed LED flat panel lamp
Nov 24, 2017

Introduction of new embossed LED flat panel lamp

Recently, Ruixin lighting has developed a new LED flat lamp lighting products - embossed LED flat lamp. This is the embodiment of creative lighting designers, with simple and elegant lines and curves to deduce the minimalist beauty and unique charm of flat lighting. Surprisingly, the LED flat lamp is superior to people's imagination: it is like a pure luminous body, light under the light panel of fine and noble, so that the drab interior space becomes clear and vivid.

"Simple and exquisite" is the most contradictory Ruixin LED flat lamp is the most unique quality, in its simple appearance, texture delicate is flat. What's even more surprising is that it's also intrinsic. It is the most suitable for the soft light brightness, can avoid the long time working dry eyes, dizzy wait for a symptom, is to create a bright and without losing warmth working atmosphere and Home Furnishing situation. And its thin to only about 16 millimeters of appearance, so that it can easily integrate into and lighting a variety of decoration style environment, carefully built frame not only dustproof, oil pollution, but also for you to save a lot of maintenance costs.

Exquisite and comfortable life is the goal of people's pursuit of life, artistic life, everyone is worth having. Embossed panel lights, a wonderful art of life, with designers' ideas, will be a little spark that rekindle your passion for life, giving you the strongest support.

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