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LED Display performance is superior
Jul 17, 2017

1 Luminous brightness is strong, in the visual distance of the direct sunlight on the screen surface, the display content is clearly visible. Super grayscale control with 1024-4096 levels of gray control, display color. 7M above, color clear lifelike, three-dimensional strong.

2 static scanning technology, the use of static lock scanning mode, high-power drive, fully guaranteed luminous brightness.

3 Automatic brightness adjustment has automatic brightness adjustment function, can obtain the best playback effect under the different brightness environment.

4 Comprehensive use of imported LSI, reliability greatly improved, easy to debug and maintenance.

5 Advanced digital Video processing, technology distributed scanning, BSV LCD splicing technology high-definition display, modular design/constant current drive, brightness automatic adjustment, super highlight solid color pixels, image picture clear, no jitter and ghosting, to eliminate distortion. Video, animation, graphics, text, pictures and other information display, network display, remote control.