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LED panel lamp structure (1)
Mar 16, 2018

LED panel lamp structure (1)

Panel light, is our present a relatively high-grade indoor lighting, lighting the lamp volume than we usually live in the use of the volume to be big, but the design of the lamp lighting performance in all aspects are than we generally the appearance, and the light is soft, no radiation to use, safe, any products are good and bad characteristics of both sides.

The first LED panel light back plate

This part is mainly used to seal the lamp body uses the metal aluminum material, the overall visual texture strong, because of aluminum's sake, but also play a role of heat.

Second: the aluminum frame of LED panel lamp

When selecting the aluminum frame, it is mainly based on the design and use of the customer's choice of the product. The first one is aluminum extrusion molded aluminum frame. The surface effect of the frame is good. The cooling effect is also OK. The second is the aluminum frame made of pressed shaft. The IP protection level of this type of frame is guaranteed, and the sealing effect is also OK.


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