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LED panel lamp structure (2)
Mar 16, 2018

LED panel lamp structure (2)

Panel light, is our present a relatively high-grade indoor lighting, lighting the lamp volume than we usually live in the use of the volume to be big, but the design of the lamp lighting performance in all aspects are than we generally the appearance, and the light is soft, no radiation to use, safe, any products are good and bad characteristics of both sides.

Third: LED light source used for light

Fourth: the driving power of the LED panel lamp

Fifth: panel lamp's diffusion plate

Sixth: the light guide plate of the LED panel lamp

LED panel light development so far, has awesome advantage in price. According to the statistics of production and sale data of the LED lighting products in the global market, our country has the largest market share in the middle and lower reaches of LED. The strong manufacturing system enables China to develop and produce the best LED lighting products. When the production amount of LED lighting products promotion, related manufacturing industry and service industry has also been developed, LED panel light products will be cheaper, better performance, will enter the field of general lighting, enterprises will follow the market better products more competitive.

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