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LED panel light -see light without light
Oct 26, 2017

LED panel light "see light without light"

With the increasing demand for the quality of lamps and lanterns, the LED panel lights with rich aesthetic and design sense will be an important trend of lighting behavior. "Seeing the light without seeing the light" is not simply hidden by surface decoration, but a state and an atmosphere. And it's the side glowing LED panel light.

Constant current drive isolation Huahui lighting production side emitting LED panel light by Huahui independent, convenient installation and maintenance, and achieve the perfect matching source, through accurate optical reflection and three-dimensional cavity design, to further improve the light reflection efficiency and light uniformity, any angle invisible beads, overcome the glare, no dark area, to get "saw the light, no light" effect. It can be widely used in subway, bank, exhibition hall, office, hotel, coffee shop and so on.

Haining Rishine LED Lighting CO.,LTD

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Add: No.27 shijing RD,Economic Development Zone,Haining,Zhejiang