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LED panel light source?
Oct 16, 2017

LED panel light source?

The LED chip used in LED panel lamp is the core component of LED lamp, and is the light source of LED lamp. As a LED panel lamp manufacturer, has a wealth of experience in production and manufacturing Huahui lighting LED lamp panel, today introduced what is what is the difference between the LED chip and different chip.

At present, the LED chip belongs to the upstream product of LED industry, and there are domestic and imported chips. The different chip will affect the quality and use effect of LED panel light. LED chip price: in general, the price of the lower slice is higher than that of the wafer, and the LED chip is higher than the small power LED chip. The quality of LED chip: the quality of LED chip is evaluated mainly from the two main standards of bare crystal brightness and attenuation. In the process of packaging, it is mainly calculated from the product yield of LED chip packaging.

The use of imported high brightness LED light panel of 2835 Huahui lighting lamps, side emitting principle, see no light lamps, high luminous efficiency, high color. Moreover, the luminous flux is very high, the color and light are stable, and the light source is used for 30000 hours.

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