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LED panel lights, what are the advantages in the application?
Sep 14, 2017

LED panel light mainly adopts a unique optical design, light guide plate after the formation of uniform flat luminous effect, no dark area, light effect > 60LM/W. It has high quality constant current drive power, more than 95% conversion efficiency, low power consumption, higher light efficiency,

2. high quality constant current drive power, conversion efficiency of more than 95%, low power consumption, so that light efficiency is higher

3. pure aluminum frame, light silver, good heat dissipation, can produce all remote control panel lights, Symphony effect, touch sensitive control panel RGB lights, RGB panel lights infrared control

4. unique outline design, embedded installation, no accessories, more economical

5. efficient energy-saving: high brightness, light conductivity above 90%

6. green environmental protection: no infrared, no UV, no heat effects, no harmful toxic substances.

7. bright and uniform: bright light, flat output, light emitting angle wider

8. ultra thin light: professional structure and shape design, ultra-thin and beautiful

9., stable and durable: 50000 hours long life, life is 50 times incandescent lamp, energy-saving lamps are 10 times, greatly saving the maintenance and replacement costs

Haining Rishine LED Lighting CO.,LTD

Tel:  86-573-87097218


Add: No.27 shijing RD,Economic Development Zone,Haining,Zhejiang