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Side-and straight-down LED flat light and its advantages and disadvantages
Jan 01, 2018

Side-and straight-down LED flat light and its advantages and disadvantages

1. Side-mounted LED flat light

Side-type LED flat lamp mainly by the frame bracket, diffuser board, reflective Board, light guide plate, drive, lamp bar composition (Figure 2). At present, the main light guide materials are PS (polystyrene) polystyrene, PC (Polycarbonate) Polycarbonate, PMMA (Polymethyl Mehta crylate) (Poly methyl methacrylate) acrylic materials.

2, straight down type LED flat light

The direct down type LED flat light structure is similar to the side entry type, but the light source is evenly distributed behind the diffuser plate. Of course, there are other classifications, for example, some manufacturers according to brightness and dimming function of LED flat lamp respectively.

3. Analysis of advantages and disadvantages

The vertical flat-panel lamp has the following advantages over the side light-emitting flat lamp:

First, high energy efficiency. The light emitted by the LED is directly irradiated by the diffusion plate, which improves the system efficiency of the lamp. It is reported that there are more than 80lm/w products.

Second, the cost is low. Omit the cost of light guide plate, make the cost of the lamp lower, the interior space is big, design also more flexible.

Third, light fixtures. The quality of the lamp is reduced because the light guide plate is omitted.

Four, high reliability. We know that in the design of lamps and lanterns, the performance of various components and materials will determine the performance of the lighting products, components increased, reliability can be reduced. Therefore, if the use of better quality diffusion plate, lamps can guarantee a longer life, and the Light guide plate and reflective film at high temperature, easy aging yellowing, affecting the efficiency and service life.

The main disadvantage of the vertical flat panel lamp is that it cannot be too thin.

The reason is:

1, LED light source and spread between the plate must have a certain spacing, otherwise the lamp will produce bright spots, this is bound to lead to the thickness of the lamp increase, so that the cost of the lamp shell and then increase, the appearance of the lamp will also appear to be poor. And the thickness increases, it increases the light transmission path, so that the energy efficiency of the lamp is reduced.

2, because the light bead is fixed on the back plate, if the back plate with the entire aluminum substrate, then the cost will be very high. If you use a strip of aluminum substrates, fixing and positioning is another problem. If the back plate of the vertical plate lamp uses the big surface aluminum plate, also must consider the long time hoisting back plate deformation bending and so on.

The main disadvantages of side-plate lamps are:

First, energy efficiency is not easy to do very high. Table 1 gives a comparison of the performance of the side-mounted led flat light with the same power and the traditional led barrel. From the analysis, it can be seen that the same power side-led flat-panel lights in the light output, energy efficiency and color Index (CRI) and other performance indicators compared with the traditional LED lamp has a small gap.

Second, the cost of higher prices. The guide plate is the core of the side-mounted flat light. As a result of the addition of the guide plate, the price is higher than the straight.

Thirdly, the quality of the Light guide plate is higher. If the design is not good, will appear in the middle of the light, both sides of the dark, or into the light Biolion edge, or different angles, such as inconsistent brightness, affect the quality of lighting.

The reliability can be relatively poor. As side-led light plate, reflective ink and reflective film is always at a relatively high temperature, it is easy to aging yellowing, resulting in lower light rate, lamp life greatly discounted.