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The form of LED light-emitting material applied to the display
Jul 17, 2017

①led light-emitting lamp (or single lamp) is generally composed of a single led wafer, reflective cup, metal anode and metal cathode, and it is outsourced with an epoxy resin shell with light transmittance. One or more (different color) single lights constitute a basic pixel, due to high brightness, more for outdoor display.

② The LED lattice module is composed of a plurality of wafers, which are encapsulated in a plastic shell by epoxy resin. Suitable for row and column scanning drive, easy to form high density display, more used in indoor display.

③ SMD LED Light-emitting lamp (or SMD LED) is the form of SMD LED light, can be used in indoor full-color display, can realize single point maintenance, effectively overcome mosaic phenomenon.