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The misunderstanding of the selection of LED panel lights? (I)
Jan 18, 2018

The misunderstanding of the selection of LED panel lights? (I)

Misunderstandings one, LED panel lamp power, the higher the brightness, the higher the brightness

The luminance of the LED panel lamp is measured by the luminous intensity, that is, the luminous flux emitted by the unit angle. Generally speaking, the light source will radiate its luminous flux in different directions with different intensities. The visible light intensity emitted from a solid angle in a specific direction is called the intensity of light, or the axial brightness. The electric current is fast, the electric power is large, the electric current is slow, and the electric power is small. In other words, the more electricity is produced in the same time, the greater the electric power. On the LED, the greater the power is, the higher the brightness of the product is. Therefore, consumers in the selection and purchase of LED lamps and lanterns to pay attention to its axial brightness, not power.

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