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The misunderstanding of the selection of LED panel lights? (two)
Jan 18, 2018

The misunderstanding of the selection of LED panel lights? (two)

Misunderstandings two, LED panel lights are too high for actual life expectancy

The LED manufacturer expects the LED life to reach 100000 hours, but like all the basic light sources, the luminous flux of the LED panel lamp also attenuates over time. So, although the LED panel light can light a long time, MTBF is not the only consideration for determining the life span. The attenuation of LED lumen is influenced by many environmental conditions, such as ambient temperature, humidity and ventilation. The decay of lumen is also affected by control, thermal management, current level, and many other electrical design considerations. Therefore, consumers should pay attention to in the purchase of LED when it is light speed, instead of using time, consumers do not expect too much on the actual service life.

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