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What is the difference between the back illuminated LED panel light and the side light LED panel lamp?
Oct 12, 2017

The back panel panel lamp is designed by using the LED luminous angle to make the reasonable LED distance. It can achieve the ideal light mixing effect with the diffuser plate and the lamp height. Emphasis on high brightness, the 595*595 specification can reach 4000lm, high efficiency products, replacing the traditional grille. Thicker, usually above 45mm. The illumination is even, and the brightness uniformity can reach more than 0.9. The process requirement is relatively simple.

Side emitting panel lamp is the use of the light guide plate, the light guide plate were designed according to the arrangement of LED light emitting angle plate lamp and lamp, the light through the light guide plate to uniform brightness effect. Low brightness, 595*595 specifications generally less than 3000lm; can be applied to some lower ceiling ceiling occasions. Thinner, less than 15mm in thickness. Surface uniformity is poor, brightness uniformity of up to 0.85, if not handled properly, four weeks will have more obvious bright edge. The cleanliness requirements of the workshop are high, the process control is not good, and the rate of good quality is low (mainly the bright spot of the light guide plate caused by dust).

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