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What is the effect of LED panel lamp service life?
Nov 03, 2017

What is the effect of LED panel lamp service life?

LED panel lamp has the advantages of ultra thin, super bright, energy saving, environmental protection and so on, and it is very popular in the market. But the incorrect use of LED panel lights will speed up its life, and ultimately affect our use, but also a waste of money, then what are the factors that affect the LED panel lamp service life?

First, the use of light, we all know that led chip are copper wire with the wire more than a lot of copper wire chip is better, the service life is much longer than a chip, all the time we choose the lamp with a lamp is why is the two cause of price.

The power factor is second, the power supply, this is very important, if the power factor of power supply is low, saving power is very poor, a good power can have power super good, have to light protective measures, when the voltage is not stable, it can prevent the destruction of current unstable good light.

Third, if the heat dissipation effect, design a lamp is not good, also affect the service life of the LED lamp panel, and installation, without ventilation is also very easy to burn out the lamp.

The above three points are the main factors that affect the service life of LED panel lamps. We should know these factors before and after the purchase.

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