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What's the difference between LED grille lamp and LED panel lamp?
Mar 05, 2019

First of all, the LED panel lamp light source and lamps are basically integrated, while the light source of the LED grid lamp plate can be replaced separately. From the use of both, consumers are more acceptable to the LED grid lamp plate.

Secondly, the biggest advantage of the LED panel lamp is that it is ultra-thin, lighter than the LED grid lamp plate, and has better decorative effect.

Third, the LED grid lamp disc has higher optical efficiency, because the matching T8 LED lamp tube technology tends to mature, the brightness is relatively high, and the price is relatively low.

Finally, as the most important application of both, office lighting must consider the glare factor. At present, both the LED panel lamp and the LED grid lamp panels are able to prevent glare, basically in line with the main lighting in office lighting places.

As for the choice of LED panel lamp or LED grid lamp panel, it depends on whether consumers pay more attention to replaceability, cost-effective or decorative.

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