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When purchasing LED panel lights, the following indicators should be particularly noted.
Jan 21, 2018

1, want to light some lights, to see the luminous flux

Before buying the lamp value is only the number of Watts, after all, most of them like bright, but now the LED era is different, tile value is large, not necessarily light is equal to light. More importantly, see: Luminous flux (lm value). Luminous flux, you can understand as "the number of light", refers to a lamp in the end how much light of the indicator, Unit for the higher the LM,LM the more light.

2, the concept of color temperature best to understand

The color temperature is a kind of description of the change of the object's temperatures, the colors will also change the phenomenon, the higher the temperature, the higher the temperatures, with Kelvin (K) for the color temperature calculation unit, can be simply understood as "the color temperature of the light changes." ”

We generally divide the color temperature of the light source into three categories:

Warm light: Generally under 3000K, it is similar to the light color incandescent lamp, red components more, give a warm and comfortable feeling, long time will make people tired;

Warm white: Color temperature in the 4000K or so, will make people have a pleasant, comfortable, serene feeling;

Cold shade: Color temperature in 5500k~6500k, light source close to natural daylight, there is a bright feeling, can make people focus.

3, color-rendering index must be high

Color-rendering index, refers to the use of the light source lighting and standard light source (generally with the sun light as a standard light source) contrast, the degree of fidelity. The unit of the color-rendering index is represented by RA, the maximum is 100, and the higher the value the better. Usually home use of lamps require color index above 80, so in the selection of lamps must pay attention to the light source or the label on the lamp.

Color Rendering Index

4, glare has to prevent

Glare is one of the most important causes of visual fatigue caused by inappropriate brightness distributions or extreme brightness comparisons in space or time, which can cause disgust, discomfort or even loss of visibility. In fact, the "no glare" in the market, most of the main point is still no direct glare. In addition, China's 3C certification, the European Union EN62471 light Biosafety certification must have, this is the safety of lamps and lanterns protection.

Lighting in the visual protection, the choice of lamps is naturally the protagonist, then in addition to the above mentioned indicators and certification, but also what to pay attention to? --brand. In this product plagiarism and its serious era, the importance of the brand is conceivable, not to mention in the lighting of this professional strong industry. Therefore, the brand of lighting, we'd better choose that: both strength, qualifications and sufficient, light quality lighting and strong lighting enterprises.