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Why LED has a high proportion of bad summer
Dec 09, 2017

Why LED has a high proportion of bad summer

1. lamps and lanterns heat conduction material is not enough, such as the existing low quality light bulb all plastic, have no heat radiator, light source heat heat can not guide, how not bad?

2., the heat dissipation design of lamps and lanterns is unreasonable. Many lamps and lanterns do not have heat dissipation design at all. They can directly assemble parts and have not been tested by scientific experiments. Why not?

3. installation environment is not reasonable, the LED lamp installation requires a certain space for heat dissipation to heat, there is the installation of wet environment, LED lamps in a humid environment, easy bad, because the LED lamps are electronic components, once the moisture affects the performance and easily lead to bad. For this reason, only the user has paid attention to it.

Summing up, the summer LED lamps and lanterns are easy to be bad, mainly the quality of the lamps and lanterns and the use of the problem, in the selection of lamps and lanterns need to be paid attention.

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