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4 Common Problems Of LED Panel Light
Oct 28, 2017

4 common problems of LED panel light

LED panel light, also known as LED flat lamp, has the advantages of beautiful appearance, environmental protection and energy saving. Today, Tian Xiao Bian Xiaobian together with everyone to analyze the 4 common problems of LED panel lights.

1. package failure

The quality loss of components caused by improper packaging design or production process. Epoxy resin material used in packaging will deteriorate in the process of using LED panel lamp, resulting in the decline of service life of LED panel lamp. It also causes refractive index, light transmittance, hardness, expansion coefficient, air permeability, water permeability, filler function and so on.

2. chip failure

Refers to the chip itself failure or other reasons constitute the chip failure. This is the LED panel light manufacturers through the purchase of very poor quality chips, so as to control the LED panel lights low prices.

3. electrical excess stress failure

LED light source, if the current is used (EOS) or electrostatic shock damage (ESD) of the chip, thus forming a chip open circuit, resulting in electrical stress failure.

4. thermal over stress failure

An important factor affecting the optical properties of LED are temperature, which is due to unchanged in the LED system of thermal resistance, temperature package pin welding point, then the junction temperature rise, and then cause the early failure of LED.

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