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Analysis Of The Application Of Intelligent Lighting: The Large Scale Of Industrial Business And The Rapid Growth Of The Housing Field
Feb 28, 2018

  In the past few years, intelligent lighting has been mostly "small thunder and heavy rain", and it has not really been popularized. By 2017, this situation has changed obviously. The intelligent lighting is no longer "not warm", and it has entered the stage of high speed development. According to the latest data from LED Research Center (LEDinside), the global smart lighting market is close to 4 billion 600 million US dollars in 2017. The growth rate of the global smart lighting market is up to 95% over the same period. It is estimated that the global smart lighting market will reach 13 billion 400 million US dollars in 2020.

  In recent years, with the popularity of technology and products and related concepts, smart lighting applications are increasingly rich, including business and industrial lighting, outdoor lighting, residential lighting and public lighting.