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Break Away From Traditional Lighting Business And Align With Integrated Intelligent Application Industry Service Providers
May 12, 2018

Since 2003, the development of China's LED industry has experienced 15 years of ups and downs, and the 15 years of development are obvious to all. From an initial contact with the development of the global LED lighting production base, export base, China's LED products can be said in the industry is also a certain leading edge, and a variety of LED energy-saving products to the global energy conservation and environmental protection also made a certain Contributions.


    However, behind the glory of the industry, we still need to see the adjustment of the market. In the past when large-brand companies relied on the advantages of scale and technology to win, these manufacturers concentrated more resources on LED integration. For example, we need more than ten suppliers of LED beads and chips for LED products. However, OSRAM has developed integrated LED products. As a result, China’s LED industry seems to be lagging behind. position.


    Like Philips, at the Frankfurt exhibition in 2018, they no longer talked about ordinary lighting, but instead integrated intelligent technologies for urban lighting, breeding, and agricultural lighting. We can guess the future development trend of this part of the company: Become an intelligent system integration service provider. When China's LED companies are still considering how to develop products, big brands of companies have entered the integration of resources and technology into the higher end of the LED market applications, and before the speculation about the development of these companies seems to become more clear.


    It is true that lighting fixtures are the products with the most demand for development in China and the market space is also huge. However, forward-looking companies have already considered the future development. How to combine hardware and software in the future's largest possible applications will become more of an LED industry. The application domain service provider, this is a domestic company needs reference learning.