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Characteristics Of LED Flat Lamp
Jun 09, 2018

The LED flat lamp has the characteristics of energy saving, lumen equality, color temperature similarity and high CRI when the number of tiles is the same as that of traditional lighting sources. The design of the LED flat lamp is designed to provide another option to provide similar shape factor and lumen output. However, consumers are now only trying to understand the quality of new light sources, and do not know why they do not provide them with a variety of lumen costs.

Resolution quality of flat crystal lamp

The light bulb of the general incandescent lamp is made of white iron and easy to rust. Good quality lamps are usually made of aluminum alloy and are not easy to rust.

The lamps with a better filament are double tungsten wires, and the difference is single.

Brightness for lamp tube, good lamp tube because it is machine once powder coating, after electrifying brightness is uniform, and the poor is manual powder coating, brightness is uneven.

Price should not be cheap when buying lamps, because quality and price are directly proportional to price.

Certification depends on whether it has 3C certification and its content is audited.

New and old products are not necessarily mature in technology. They should not only choose the latest ones but ignore the old ones.

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