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China's LED Industry Advantage Is Mainly Concentrated In The Manufacturing Sector
May 13, 2018

China's LED industry technology from scratch, from no technology, no scale of the industry to have the core technology, to become the world's largest manufacturing scale of the industry, domestic companies continue to expand, the international competitiveness is very obvious. These phenomena all indicate that China's LED industry has taken off.


    In spite of this, China's LED light guide plate industry has developed so far, the biggest advantage is still concentrated in the manufacturing field. Although the technology is in an ascending state every year, but there is still a big gap in development, especially the high-end applications of LED There is a big gap between the development of the field and international manufacturers. In developed markets such as Europe and North America, many domestic LED lighting companies are difficult to develop due to patent restrictions.


    The advantages are concentrated in manufacturing, so domestic packaging companies have taken this development advantage to the extreme. In the past few years, industrial chips and packaging have been continuously expanded in order to enhance the competitiveness of the industrial chain and further expand the company's development advantages. Therefore, many foreign brand companies have transferred their LED-related business to Chinese manufacturers for production.


    In the past LED industry chain, many domestic industries will choose to cooperate with foreign companies. From the market point of view, if these companies can access the orders of international customers, it is absolutely possible to upgrade the company’s production scale to a new level. Although the profit of OEM is low, relying on the huge production scale advantage, cooperation with foreign companies is still a great opportunity for development.