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Difference Between LED Panel Lamp Constant Current And Resistance Capacitance
Apr 28, 2018

LED panel lamp constant current means that LED should use a stable, constant current source to ensure that the current provided by the power supply does not have a wave over current impact, resulting in damage or damage to the LED. The main features are constant current, long life and LED protection. The power supply of LED panel lamp with constant current source is the best way. If the voltage is unstable or the voltage fluctuation is large, the output current is stable and will not have any effect on the LED panel.

The resistance capacity is a method and means to use the electrical appliance industry to reduce the use of the current under the rated current (generally reduced current 20%) to ensure the safety of electrical appliances and reduce the occurrence of accidents. Resistance capacitance LED is a circuit that uses capacitance and resistance to reduce the flow rate. Its characteristic is simple structure, easy to make, low cost, very simple circuit and high efficiency under constant load condition. When the voltage is unstable or the voltage fluctuation is large, the driving output current is unstable, and the impact LED flat plate lamp is easy to be bad, so the drive of the resistance capacity and pressure reduction is easy to be bad.

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