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HKTDC: Lighting Industry Outlook For The Coming Year The Trend Of The Internet
Jan 21, 2018

The 19th annual Hong Kong International Lighting Fair, organised by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council, the 2nd session of the Hong Kong International Outdoor and Technology lighting Expo, and the 12th International Environmental Protection Expo was successfully concluded earlier, according to the organizers commissioned an independent investigation of the findings of the survey, home lighting, LED and environmental lighting products, as well as commercial lighting the most growth potential.

Lighting industry prospects for the coming year

The three exhibitions attracted nearly 69,000 buyers from 151 countries and regions, representing a 7% increase over last year. In India, Iran, Brazil, the United Arab Emirates, mainland China, Spain, Russia, Taiwan, Italy and France and other markets, the number of buyers recorded double-digit increases.

Chau, vice president of HKTDC, said that the lighting industry would be optimistic for the coming year from the buyers ' admission and trade matching figures, the results of the field survey and the recent export performance of Hong Kong. "According to the field survey, 93% of the respondents believe that Intelligent city and smart home will bring the development of the lighting industry in the next two years," he said. Home, industrial and commercial intelligent lighting systems that can communicate with or control a smartphone or tablet computer, as well as home, industry, and business, mainly to save power and energy efficiency. ”

2018 sales expected to increase 16%

The TDC commissioned an independent investigation agency to visit 636 exhibitors and buyers during the autumn light exhibition and the outdoor and technology lighting Expo. Some disposed respondents were bullish on the market performance in the coming year or considered to be similar to this year, with an average increase of 16% in overall sales for lighting products next year.

The most optimistic markets to be visited were the mainland of China, Japan and ASEAN. In emerging markets, the sectors most interested in developing business are the mainland of China (24%), ASEAN (17%) and the Middle East (7%). Products, the industry considered home lighting (29%) The most growth potential, LED and environmental lighting products (24%) and commercial lighting (16%) is also seen high.

"Light networking" trend

During the exhibition, the organizers invited industry leaders to talk about market trends and product trends. Comprehensive expert opinion, the function of the lamp has changed from illumination to connect with the "Light Network", and become an integral part of intelligent home. Rui Gao Lighting Electronics Co., Ltd. Global sales and marketing senior vice President Davidbarnby said: "Lights everywhere, is the best carrier for transmission and collection of data." The combination of lighting products and things will become the trend, the industry needs to accelerate cooperation with the industry to capture new business opportunities. "Shanghai Pudong Intelligent Lighting Federation Secretary-General illuminates that the future lighting products must be networked," he said: "The industry should apply Cross-border technology including cloud platform, artificial intelligence, sensors, intelligent modules, speech recognition, software applications, and so on, to achieve interoperability with smart lights." ”