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Hotel Lighting Design 8 Tips
Apr 13, 2018

The professional lighting design not only allows the hotel to have its own characteristics and obtain better economic benefits, but also determines the success or failure of the hotel. So, what is the best hotel lighting design? Today, take everyone to learn some tips on hotel lighting design:

1. Widely used warm white light source, color temperature of about 3000K

No matter what type of hotel, it is their common aspiration to create a friendly, warm and friendly atmosphere. The lighting environment provided by the color temperature 3000K light source can strengthen this characteristic of the hotel. Based on human visual perception of temperature and spatial perception of color, the hue of the hue is biased towards orange and yellow, and the hue of the hue is blue-purple. When compared at the same time, the orange yellow feels warmer and closer to us.

2. Under the condition that the color temperature of the light source is nominal, a specific analysis of the light color of different types of light sources is required.

Lighting design should be targeted to select the type of light source. Under the same color temperature conditions, it is necessary to comprehensively weigh whether they are energy-efficient in terms of luminous flux and average life, whether it is convenient for maintenance and the trade-off between light and color, not because of “green lighting”. Do not use incandescent lamps.

3. Pay special attention to the relationship between color temperature and illuminance

Using the matching relationship between illuminance and color temperature, carefully creating a suitable space atmosphere. In general, the color temperature and illuminance should be proportional to the proportion of high illumination, high color temperature, and vice versa. The color temperature of domestic hotel lighting design is usually high, but the illumination is generally low, often falling into a “gloomy” atmosphere.

4 can use direct lighting, do not use indirect lighting

Luminaires are currently widely used in various types of commercial space lighting, and even flooded. With the development of electric light sources and lighting luminaire manufacturing technologies, direct lighting has been able to avoid visual hazards caused by uncomfortable glare. Therefore, it is not necessary to employ various types of light emitting tanks that are wasteful and inconvenient to maintain, unless they are required for decorative purposes.

5. Use the same color temperature light source to avoid clutter

The same function area, surface, and object use light sources with the same color temperature, so that the color of the light environment is unified. As far as the lighting design of the hotel is concerned, since the emphasis is not on conflict and drama, the uniform tone is in line with the characteristics of the hotel.

6. Choose a high luminaire utilization rate

The luminaire with optimized parameters and high luminous flux utilization is selected. We often encounter situations where the total luminous flux of a light source is nominally high. However, due to the use of a light fixture with a low light output efficiency, the theoretical calculation of the luminance value and the actual completion of the measurement are performed with an illuminance meter. The results are far from one another. It is recommended that when there is doubt about the luminaire efficiency parameters and the light distribution curve parameters provided by the luminaire manufacturers, the relevant testing equipment must be commissioned to carry out the test.

7. Choose the right light distribution

In view of the room-space ratio of the hotel's different functional areas, the light intensity distribution, center light intensity, and half-light intensity distribution parameters of the light distribution curve are discriminated to avoid light loss in two aspects.

8. The more advanced hotels, the higher the color rendering index of the light source

The color rendering of the light source is generally evaluated by the color rendering index of CIE. It is the difference in color display between the light source to be evaluated and the standard light source (full-cloud sky light) for more than ten color samples including human skin color. Evaluation. In general, the higher the Ra of a light source, the better its color rendering. However, it should be pointed out that since Ra is an average of the color samples, although some light sources have a high color rendering index, the appearance of a particular color may not be good. This point should arouse the attention of hotel lighting design.