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How Many Factors Affect The Price Of LED Flat Lamp?
Mar 23, 2018

How many factors affect the price of LED flat lamp?

By 2018, the LED flat lamp use rate is higher and higher, the market has been more and more recognized by the majority of users, but when we really want to buy a 600x600LED flat lamp, LED lamp panel consulting to different manufacturers, there are many different LED flat lamp price, it is easy to make us confused, that is what is different? Is it because of different panel lights?

1, first of all, we need to know what the material of LED flat lamp is made up of, what's the material that is also divided into good, middle and inferior grades. What material determines the price of unit price? We can't judge his value only by appearance. Like Huahui lighting emitting LED panel lamp is straight with cold stamping 0.4mm thick and the price is different from some cheap metal chassis.

2, LED panel light is external, we can see the driver above some of the parameters, the drive is good, good driving power, high power factor, the higher the conversion of electric energy is higher, LED panel lights more power, these are all we can see with the naked eye directly the.

3, the quality of all kinds of auxiliary materials and the quantity quality will affect the price.

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