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How To Distinguish LED Panel Lamp Diffuser And Light Guide?
Jan 19, 2019

Functional differences:

The main functions of the diffuser are as follows: 1. Disperse the light flux and make the light evenly distributed (some composite diffuser can not only make the light evenly distributed, but also control the angle of emission; 2. Supporting the backlight structure to protect the optical material underneath.

The main functions of the light guide plate are as follows: 1. To guide the light flux of the spot light source of the LED panel lamp evenly distributes in the whole plane. Its key role is to guide the distribution of light; 2. To utilize the light flux and control the distribution of light more efficiently by using the reflection mechanism.

Differences in application areas:

1. Acrylic diffuser is suitable for LED lighting fixtures of direct light source, such as direct light LED panel lamp.

2. PC light guide plate is suitable for side light source LED lighting fixtures, such as side light emitting LED flat lamp and integrated ceiling LED panel lamp, which are usually used with diffusion plate.

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