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How To Judge The Good Or Bad Of The LED Panel Lamp
Jan 05, 2018

How to judge the good or bad of the LED panel lamp

1, "light quality: quality depends on the quality of the chip and chip package technology. The chip quality decides the brightness and light bulb. The lamp not only lighting, but also small and light.

2, look at the driver lighting use: other parts of the power supply service life relative lighting, life is very short, the life of the power supply effect of lighting the overall life, theory of life led in 5-10 000 hours, and the life of the power supply in 0.2 -3 million hours, design and material selection of power supply will determine the use of power life. With the appearance of power Aluminum Alloy drive than engineering plastics, which is a good heat dissipation, the two is the transport and use process can effectively protect the parts will not be crushed and loose, reduce the failure rate of the driving power supply.

3, look at the light bulb power efficiency: the same light effect, higher brightness, higher brightness, lighting the same power consumption, smaller, more energy saving.

4, see power efficiency: the higher the power efficiency, the higher, the power itself is less power, the output power is greater.


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