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How To Select The High Quality LED Panel Lamp
Dec 01, 2017

How to select the high quality LED panel lamp

First, if the light is not flashing. The power supply frequency of the ordinary fluorescent lamp is approximately 50 hertz, which means that the brightness is 100 when the light is shining. So it belongs to the low frequency flash. It also makes the organ of the human eye in a state of intense adjustment, which is easy to cause visual fatigue. If the light frequency to increase to hundreds, tens of thousands of Hertz above the high frequency, so the eye will not flash feeling; but it really is no flash or DC power semiconductor device (such as the LED light emitting diode) light is also known as no flash, so consumers in the purchase of the LED lamp, we must pay special attention to this point.

Second, there is no ultraviolet and infrared light in the spectral components of the LED lamp. Because of excessive exposure to ultraviolet light, it is not only very easy to cause keratitis, but also damage the lens, retina and choroid. Infrared ray is also easily absorbed by water, and too much infrared will be absorbed by human lens.

Third, the color temperature of LED lamps must be close to the natural light. Because people live in natural light for a long time, the human eye has a strong adaptability to natural light and a good visual effect. Because the color temperature of LED lamp is many, there are positive white light, Leng Baiguang, warm light and so on. Therefore, when consumers choose to buy, they must pay attention to choose a comfortable lighting color temperature that they are comfortable with, which will not cause harm to the eyes.

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