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How Trade Warfare Influences China's LED Industry And How To Deal With It
May 09, 2018

The issue of trade between China and the United States is the latest concern among LED export companies. As the United States increases the scale of products involved, the contradiction becomes more and more acute. And more international media have stated that the issue unilaterally provoked by the United States will be the situation of “killing the enemy one thousand and sacrificing one hundred and eight hundred”.


    Although it is not yet known how much of the impact on the LED industry, LED export companies should still make relevant psychological preparations and response measures. For example, take reasonable measures to risk buffer, reduce the price fluctuations of exported goods, observe the changes in overseas markets, and keep the value of their own product materials.


    In the LED industry, aluminum materials are greatly affected. In the LED lighting products, the production cost of aluminum substrates is relatively high. In 2017, aluminum shipments reached 4.8 million tons, which is a new high for many years. Exports eased pressure on the company's inventory operations, and aluminum prices also showed significant increases.


    In 2018, the LED industry tested the bugs, the market is no longer in the past explosive growth, many LED companies have chosen to maintain their own market share in a stable and stable manner. Therefore, the LED industry may experience a certain price war at this stage. Therefore, LED lighting companies must aim at the market situation, optimize the product structure, reduce the related costs in line with the scale development, and ensure the supply of market products.