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Industry And Commerce Is The Largest Field Of Application For Intelligent Lighting
Mar 02, 2018

  The social acceptance of intelligent lighting is improved after the gradual promotion of the public domain. Because digitalization features can bring more new business models and value growth points, so industrial and commercial lighting is the largest application place of smart lighting. LEDinside data showed that industrial and commercial lighting accounted for 60% of the world's smart lighting market in 2017.


  Intelligent lighting plays an important role in the field of industrial lighting. Industrial lighting is mainly used in large single / double industrial plant building, large power consumption, with safety requirements and operators of industrial development, the lighting requirements are very strict.


  The lamp factory buildings can be connected to the external lighting control node, preset number and time switch through the intelligent lighting system, you can also set the brightness; workshop lighting can automatically adjust the appropriate illumination according to the brightness of the natural light, indoor lighting can also according to different needs, with the change of season and weather, automatically adjust the suitable illumination and not only does not affect the operation, but also more humane and energy-saving, to avoid dizziness.


  With the development of science and technology, industrial lighting gradually tends to be intelligent. For example, China's main electricity supplier group Jingdong, Tmall, Amazon and Dangdang have built their own intelligent warehouses in key central cities, adopting high-quality warehouse lighting system to attract customers by improving delivery speed. High quality warehouse lighting system can not only improve the efficiency of warehousing and logistics operation, ensure the safety of intelligent storage environment, but also reduce the maintenance cost and operation cost of logistics enterprises.


  LED inside data show that the global industrial lighting market will reach $3 billion 934 million in 2018. LEDinside believes that the combination of intelligent control and industrial lighting will change the way of lighting in the industrial field, greatly improve the added value of lighting products, and provide long-term growth power for the industry.


  As for the commercial lighting area that focuses more on energy saving and social benefits, especially for commercial building lighting, the time of a day's lighting up to twelve hours or more is very serious. Therefore, intelligent control can be used to achieve the purpose of energy saving. The demand for a lot of lighting also brings another kind of business application that combines intelligent function. For example, LED lamps and lanterns combined with visible light communication technology, can achieve precision positioning function, to assist the store to carry out commercial applications such as product push service. At present, commercial lighting is also undergoing large-scale and intelligent replacement.

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