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Intelligent Lighting Development In Public And Outdoor Areas
Mar 01, 2018

  According to the application area, the market scale of global smart lighting is developing. In the current stage, smart lighting or infrastructure construction still needs to rely on public and outdoor areas. The largest market is smart city construction industry.


  In the early twenty-first Century, the United States, Britain, Germany, Holland, Japan, Korea, Singapore and other countries all launched the practice of smart city. Today, smart city has entered the stage of planning and construction. There are more than 500 smart cities in the world. Among them, Europe and Asia are more active areas for smart city construction.


  According to the National League of America report, about 66% of American cities begin to develop smart cities, and another 25% cities that do not yet have intelligent city systems are also trying to explore this new trend. It China, has announced the three batch of pilot smart city, a total of 290 city; in addition, the construction of smart city will be an important starting point in 13th Five-Year during Chinese to promote the city of.


  Due to the support of the government and the efforts of all the world's major cities to promote smart city plan, smart city construction is expected to further speed up in the future. Therefore, the application of smart lighting as an important part of smart city in the public domain will also get a priority development.


  Intelligent lighting system can improve the utilization rate of energy city, bring real benefits to the city, has an immediate effect, but also can capture more city roads, spatial information using lighting equipment, through the "space into" data. In the city wide distribution of street lamp, street lamp with wisdom according to the traffic flow automatically adjust the brightness, lighting control, remote alarm, active fault lamp cable anti-theft, remote meter reading and other functions, can greatly save power resources, improve public lighting management, save maintenance cost. This also explains the hottest phenomenon of intelligent lighting in urban construction.


  Although the wisdom of the street in the early stages of development, but including the United States, India, the Middle East, China have been launched intelligent lighting plan, with the construction of Intelligent City Street Wisdom menacing wave, the prospect of unlimited market space will be. According to LEDinside data, outdoor lighting accounts for 11% of the world's smart lighting market in 2017.

  In addition to smart street lights, intelligent lighting will also gradually penetrate into public places such as stations, airports, subway stations, underground parking lots, schools, libraries, hospitals, gymnasiums, museums and so on. According to LEDinside data, public lighting accounted for 6% of the world's smart lighting market in 2017.

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