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Intelligent Lighting Is The Fastest Growing In The Housing Field
Mar 03, 2018

  It is undeniable that intelligent lighting plays an important role in improving the quality of life, improving the work efficiency and improving the management level. With the improvement of living standards, the application of smart home lighting will become more common, and will become a new vents for the development of the lighting industry.


  As a breakthrough point of smart home, intelligent lighting is the field of smart home market. In the past few years, the market acceptance of smart home lighting is not high because of the lack of technology and lack of market cultivation. Today, smart home lighting industry has gradually entered the "development of fast lane", intelligent control of home lighting has been quietly becoming the trend, and all kinds of intelligent lighting control system applied to residential lighting is thrived.


  According to LEDinside data, residential lighting in 2017 accounted for 23% of the world's smart lighting market and to 31% in 2020. LEDinside believes that smart home and smart lighting will promote each other and will make great progress in the next few years, and intelligent lighting will grow fastest in the housing field.

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