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LED Ceiling Lamp Advantages
May 30, 2018

High luminous efficiency

The luminous efficiency of the LED itself has reached 130lm/W or more, so the overall luminous efficacy of the LED ceiling lamp can reach 100lm/W. And this efficiency is still growing every year. It is estimated that by 2020, the luminous efficiency of LED itself will reach 240lm/W. High light efficiency means energy savings. According to the measured results, a 8W LED can replace a 32W ceiling lamp. Electric power can save more than 4 times.

long life

The lifespan of the LED is 100,000 hours. After being made into a lamp, it is actually recognized as having a lifespan of at least 30,000 hours. A high-quality lamp can be used for 50,000 hours, which is 10 times longer than a fluorescent lamp. Even the highest lifetime of three-color fluorescent lamps Lifespan is 10,000 hours and it is also more than 5 times higher.

Does not contain toxic substances such as mercury

When everyone pays attention to the advantages of high luminous efficiency and energy saving of LED light sources, LED lighting has a very important advantage - no mercury, but it is often overlooked. We know that mercury is a very toxic substance, but almost all of the high-efficiency electric light sources used before 2012 contain mercury (mercury), whether it is a common fluorescent lamp, a compact energy-saving lamp, or a high-pressure mercury or gold halide. Lamps, etc. contain mercury.

No UV radiation, no light pollution

Various color temperature lights are available upon request, typically 2550-3700K, and 4700-7000K.

No glass parts, impact resistance, vibration, easy to transport.

No need for aluminum radiator, low cost and light weight

High safety, no harm to the human body, saving energy and reducing consumption.