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Led Light Advantages
Apr 13, 2018

1,.LED panel light is the use of liquid crystal backlight technology and high-efficiency LED chip, a unique thermal design to ensure high LED efficacy, low light decay, long life.

2. The surface is smooth, bright and uniform, soft and not dazzling.

3,.100 ~ 240VAC input voltage, high power efficiency. Short start-up time, no flash frequency.

4.LED light weight, easy to install. Environmental protection, safety, no pollution, in line with RoHs specifications.

5,.stable performance, low maintenance rate. Versatility, convenient installation and space saving

6.LED panel lamp life of up to 30,000 hours or more, even if the switch will not affect the product life;

7. green lighting products, no mercury, lead and other elements of pollution;

8.LED panel lights without ultraviolet light, no infrared light, so that the subject was subject to radiation damage.

Haining Rishine LED Lighting CO.,LTD

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