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LED Lighting Lighting Companies Face Three Major Challenges
May 31, 2018

First, the channels differentiate.

Second, "factory purchases" cut off consumers.

Once again, the "three-nothing" corporate garbage lamp prices have no bottom line

How should we deal with the "three challenges"?

First of all

We must explore and stick to our core competitiveness. R & D, design, manufacturing, sales promotion, service brand ... to be clear and focused on the company's strongest competitive advantage to break!


To strengthen brand building and create an omni-channel sales model. At present, the lighting industry generally adopts sales channels based on dealers. The loyalty of dealers and the main product push rate determine the sales volume and market share of lighting companies.

once again

We must maintain a keen sense of ability and predictability of the economic situation and the industry situation. The biggest cost of an enterprise is the decision-making cost of the boss. The judgment of the business owner on the future trend determines the direction and ultimate destiny of the company!

At last

To be good at integrating the development of industrial chain resources. The industry reshuffle has reached key points. Lighting industry needs to be integrated to open up all links of the industry chain, and the small and scattered lighting market and distributors will be optimized and incorporated to create an industrial platform similar to Homestead, Redstar Macalon, from which to sell. Materials, Buy Products, Sell Design, Sell Scenes, Sell Brands