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LED Panel Light Installation And Application
Apr 28, 2018

Installation form

1, can be embedded in the ceiling, walls and mounting surface;

2, can be hung under the ceiling or the installation body. When mounted on a white ceiling, the entire ceiling is a single color, very beautiful, clean and coordinated;

3, LED panel light adopts broadband voltage design (AC85-240V/50-60Hz), which can be used in all countries in the world; High-power LED adopts isolated power supply, constant current or constant voltage drive, high power supply efficiency, no pollution to the power grid, stable performance ,Safe and reliable;

4, LED panel light is a new surface light source similar to LCD TV backlight technology, soft light, beautiful appearance, has been widely favored by European and American merchants, a large number of foreign companies are in the purchase of good quality, good service, good price panel light products And suppliers;

Application area

1, LED panel lights are widely used, there is a trend to replace the grille lights; LED panel lights are mainly used in:

Ceiling (instead of the original grille light);

2. Walls (not only for lighting purposes but also artistic expression);

3, the installation body (the pursuit of practical and artistic combination, easy and simple installation);

4, other (can also be used in other places, such as train cars or large mobile cars, counters, etc.);

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