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LED Panel Light Installation Instructions
Apr 11, 2018

First, the embedded installation

1. Before installation, make sure the panel light works properly. Then put the flat light on the dragon

The diagonal position of the bone frame.

2. Put the driver on the side and put the panel light into the ceiling.

3. Rotate the panel light 45° horizontally so that the bottom side of the panel light coincides with the side of the ceiling.

4. Rotate the panel light 90° vertically so that the panel light matches the keel frame and make it flat

Panel lights face down.

5. Adjust the panel light until it closely matches the ceiling until it is as smooth as the ceiling.

Second, hanging installation

1. Fix the fixing parts in the 4 corners of the panel light


(1). Before installing the fixing parts, put a piece of cushion on the floor to prevent the flat lamp from being scratched or damaged.

(2). Tighten the screws, but use enough force to avoid damaging the panel lights.

(3). Fix the fixing parts on the four corners of the ceiling

Third, ceiling installation

First attach the ceiling accessory to the panel light, and then hit the ceiling on the ceiling with the hole on the ceiling accessory.

Fourth, suction installation

1. First open the ceiling according to the size of the corresponding fixture. (Please consult the manufacturer if the opening size is unknown)

2. According to the instruction manual, connect the wires and lamps correctly. Press the spring clips on both sides of the lamp until it is vertical, and slowly insert the lamp into the open ceiling.

3. Re-confirm the size of the opening and the connection of the circuit. After confirming the error, loosen the spring clips on both sides. Please ensure that the fixture is stable.