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LED Panel Light Power Manufacturers Talk About The Difference Between The Front Side Panel Light Emitting Light?
Apr 17, 2018

What is the difference between the front side and the front side of the LED panel light? What is the difference between the front side lighting and the front lighting? Or is the side lighting bright? For this hot topic, in order to help more friends to understand clearly, as LED panel light power supply manufacturers based on their own years of experience , summed up the following related content, hoping to help the majority of readers friends:



LED panel light effect chart



LED panel light power supply manufacturers to discuss the difference between the two:


First, the difference between the structure of the front light panel light and the side light emission is no light guide plate, the light guide plate (PMMA) generally has a light guide rate of about 93%. The positive light panel light has a large gap between the lamp beads, so the lamp beads and the PC diffuse. The distance between the plates must be large so that dark areas are not formed when lit.


2. The light emitted by the side-view panel lamp bead is reflected by the reflective film of the light guide plate. After passing through the light guide plate, the light flux will be lost.


Third, the advantages of front-emitting panel lights is the same situation than the side of the lamp light flux is higher than the luminous flux; front light panel lamp is the general disadvantage of the thickness of the general 3.5cm-5cm, side light is generally between 8mm-12mm, than the side The light panel light is much thicker.


Fourth, the side of the panel light is the use of LED light angle to make a reasonable LED spacing design, with the diffusion plate and the lamp height to achieve the desired light mixing effect. High-brightness, with 595*595 specifications can reach 4000lm, high luminous efficiency products, replace the traditional grille lamp. Thicker, usually more than 45mm thick. The light output is even and the brightness uniformity can reach above 0.9; the process requirements are relatively simple.


Fifth, the side of the panel light is illuminated by the light guide plate, the light guide plate is the use of optical grade acrylic/PC plate, and then with high reflectivity and non-absorbing high-tech materials, in the optical grade acrylic sheet bottom surface UV screen printing technology printed on the light guide.


6. Use optical grade acrylic sheet to absorb the light emitted from the lamp on the surface of the optical-grade acrylic sheet. When the light hits each light guide point, the reflected light will spread to all angles; through a variety of density Different light guide points can make the light guide plate emit light evenly.



LED panel light power supply features



Seven, LED panel light power product features:


1, LED panel light power through the high light transmittance of the light guide plate to form a very uniform plane light effect, light and soft and comfortable, not dazzling.


2, ultra-light and thin, thickness of only 9mm, weighing less than 10kg / square meter.


3, super bright patch LED light source, energy saving than ordinary fluorescent lamp more than 60%.


4, external high PF constant current power supply, instant start, no glare, no noise; PF ≥ 0.9, power supply efficiency: ≥ 85%; input voltage: 90-135VAC or 175-265VAC / 50-60HZ.


5, LED panel light power supply with four sides plus a good heat dissipation structure design, so that the rapid heat export, shell temperature rise <20 degrees, effectively extending the life of the entire lamp.


6, easy to install, embedded in the ceiling instead of the original grille lights, and the ceiling into one; or hung on the ceiling.


The above discussion about the difference between the LED panel light power supply manufacturers and the front side panel light of the panel light has been elaborated for everyone. I believe that after reading this article, I believe that it is very clear whether the front is shining well or the side is shining well. At the same time, we also hope that everyone can use the above-mentioned knowledge to be able to choose their own LED panel light power supply in the future.