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LED Panel Light Power Supply: Diode And Resistor Play What Role?
Oct 20, 2017

LED panel light power supply: diode and resistor play what role?

You can't see the difference between the constant pressure and the constant current, but you can see the output voltage change obviously. You can also see the obvious difference from the switching speed of the drive. Suggest to take the machine itself to test the clearest. This is driving resistance resistance value according to the driving current and EMI value to take into consideration, may drive small overshoot, large driving may not MOS tube of high temperature. The main is to speed up the shutdown, turn off the effect of speed on effect of constant current is not clear, not tested. Resistance you understand, equivalent to 6 feet output voltage divided into part, drive MOS calculate a 5V? So take too small, sub pressure small, MOS impact on the big. It's too big, maybe the MOS drive doesn't work. Waveform under actual test. Look at the value of other people's experience, the diode function quickly shut down, you slowly deliberate. It's kind of interesting. G is designed to allow driving voltage drops to a certain value will not be able to drive the MOS, compared with the numerical diode to the high point, thus reducing the time.

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