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LED Panel Lights Have To Know The Matter Of Maintenance
Oct 22, 2018

LED panel lamp is a kind of low energy consumption, environmental protection and energy-saving advanced lamps and lanterns, now widely used in life, has become the most common kind of lamps and lanterns, some people in order to keep clean and beautiful, will often carry out cleaning and maintenance of lamps and lanterns, but the maintenance process will be some people did not comply with the precautions, then LED panel lamp in maintenance. What should we pay attention to?

Note 1: Before cleaning the panel lamp, make sure that the power supply has been disconnected before cleaning the panel lamp.

Note 2: When cleaning the panel lamp, most people will use a semi-dry wet cloth to wipe, this is not allowed, must be wiped with a dry cloth.

Note 3: In order to achieve better cleaning effect, some people will use chemical corrosive things to clean, which is a certain security risk.

Haining Rishine LED Lighting CO.,LTD

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