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LED Panel Lights Will Not See The Light In The Future
Apr 15, 2018

As people's requirements for the living environment are increasing, by breaking through the limitations of traditional lighting fixtures, LED panel lights with a beautiful and design sense will trigger a new round of technological changes. In the future, the concept of “seeing no light” will be an important trend in lighting development. "Seeing the light does not see the light" is not only simple by hiding the light on the decorative surface, but a realm, an atmosphere, a complex; is to reflect the attention to lighting effects; is a visual shift of attention to lighting products.


  Think three-shot LED panel light is the use of "see the light does not see the lamp" concept, through accurate optical and three-dimensional reflective cavity design, to further improve the lamp's reflection efficiency and light uniformity, so that they get "see only light, no light source "Softer light effect. Light as a visual guide is a scene. In the scene, the light attracts the crowd is an atmosphere, can not feel the existence of the lamp is a realm, looking for lamps is a complex.


 The unique innovative structure design of the reflection LED panel light has enjoyed a number of patents such as “reflective LED lighting”. The lamp body design uses a hidden structure, novel and unique, elegant and beautiful, both with good lighting effects, and can achieve organic integration with the building, to meet the light not see the lights (beads) effect, so adaptable, widely used Subways, hospitals, exhibition halls, offices, hotels, cafes, home living rooms, kitchens, dens, bedrooms, etc.


  See or not see, the light is there. Think Emission LED panel light conforms to the design principle of “lessismore” and adopts a unique reflective light distribution method to hide the light source in the dark trough. It not only stands under the lamp, but can't see the lamp bead at any angle, and it also overcomes the glare problem and reduces it. The natural oppressive feeling brought by the luminous body increases the comfort of the lighting, does not contain harmful metals, and supports a variety of intelligent dimming methods. In many fields of application, more and more plays a “finishing touch” Decorative effect.