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Lumileds Launches High-power LEDs, Delivering More Than 1700 Lumens In A Single, Compact Emitter
Dec 26, 2017

Lumileds launches high-power LEDs, delivering more than 1700 lumens in a single, compact emitter





 Lumileds has released the new Luxeon V high-power packaged LED that can drive up to 15W and is targeted at a variety of high-lumen output applications, including stadium lighting, high and low-voltage lighting and outdoor lighting. In fact, Lumileds said that this compact, packaged single-mode LED delivers more than 1700 lm at 5700K CCT and 70 CRI at 4.8A, which is equivalent to 110 lm / W.


  Lumileds boldly claims that Luxeon V is up to 50% more lumen output than competing products. At the same time, the 4040-packaged LEDs are also considered 60% more thermally resistant than competing products. Kathleen Hartnett, senior director of product marketing at Lumileds, said, "Luxeon V uniquely combines luminaire design for stadiums and district lighting with high efficiency at low drive currents and extremely low heat and optimized radiation patterns "


 Performance offered by LED manufacturers to competitors is difficult to verify because usually physical performance is different for emitter and package sizes or different manufacturers report performance under different drive current and CCT / CRI combinations. In addition, the most compelling CREE XHP (Extreme High Power) LED for Luxeon V products is the multi-emitter design.

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