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Office Lighting LED Panel Lights Need To Pay Attention To What Parameters?
Apr 28, 2018

Office lighting will now choose LED panel lights as the basic lighting, in the purchase of LED panel lights, a lot of users will only see the brightness of the LED panel light enough even if, but in fact, we overlook the parameters are often the most important.

Explicit color refers to the color index, refers to the real color of things (their own color) and the color relationship under a standard light source.

Whether there are stroboscopic and red ultraviolet light: These are very harmful to the eyes, so when we choose, we try to choose no or smaller LED flat light.

Light effect: luminous efficiency equals brightness, meaning that each tile can emit 80LM light. The LM we say is the brightness of the light. When you choose the LED panel lights, try to choose the panel light with high luminous flux when the tile number is the same.

In addition to the LED panel lights, in fact, when buying other office lighting LED lamps, these parameters still deserve our attention.

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