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Several Possible Directions For Future Development Of Smart Industry
May 10, 2018

Smart technology is presented on mobile phones. Its maturity also allows more industries to integrate the concept of intelligence. From the beginning of the mobile Internet to the application of the current WiFi module in the lighting, cross-border smart applications are created. So the three different fields of LED lights, smart phones and Internet modules come together.


    From the perspective of the market as a whole, lighting companies are gradually accepting the integration of cross-border companies, and through cross-border cooperation, the integration of lighting and light sources, as well as the hardware application of the Internet, has achieved true LED smart lighting, and this This kind of application is gradually expanding into the following major areas.


    First, the home field. In the past, China's LED lighting market had not matured, and smart lighting was largely concentrated in commercial and public facilities. With the completion of various pilot applications and the increase in promotion efforts, the smart home sector has gradually gained popularity.


    Second, smart industry standards. The thresholds and requirements for smart LED technology are high and its relevance is strong, so it is difficult to avoid product problems. There are even industry sources who say that current smart LED products cannot be directly installed and maintained by users in home applications, and that after-sales services have certain flaws. This requires the improvement of the standards of the smart industry. If it is required to be more widely used, it must be developed to a higher level.


    Third, the added value of products is high. Intelligent lighting is not just the existence of a switch and a switch. It becomes a system with furniture and provides a comprehensive environment-building system. It can be said that what is produced is an ecological environment. This is also an ideal state for smart LEDs to develop.