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Several Reasons For Choosing The LED Panel Lamp
Dec 01, 2017

Several reasons for choosing the LED panel lamp

1., low energy consumption. If an enterprise has a monthly electricity charge of 100 thousand RMB, then the LED will only need 3-4 000 RMB per month. The effect is quite obvious.

2. carbon reduction of carbon dioxide is about 0.62 kilograms per unit of carbon dioxide for each use of 1 degrees of electricity. With the comparison of LED panel lamps, the carbon dioxide emissions of 0.62 kg / 68%=0.42 kg can be reduced, which will play a great role in the protection of the ecological environment.

3. environmental protection LED lamps do not contain mercury (Hg), lead (Pb), and can be recycled. From the above three points can be seen, this product is the response to the country: low carbon, energy saving, environmental protection call!

4. high brightness

5. long life ordinary fluorescent lamps have a shorter life span of about 3000-5000 hours. The service life of the LED panel lamp is more than 30000 hours (3-5 years), which is equivalent to 10 times the life of the ordinary lamp.

The starting voltage of the 6. wide start LED panel lamp is 100V-240V. While the ordinary fluorescent lamp, the voltage is too low point is not bright, can not normally start.

7. time delay LED light response time is nanosecond level, the light does not need to wait, instant light, can be repeatedly switched on numerous times. There is a delay in the opening of ordinary fluorescent lamps, which can cause damage to the lamps and lanterns if frequent switches are switched on.

8. no noise LED panel lights will not produce noise, quiet and comfortable.

9. flicker ordinary fluorescent lamps use alternating current, so it produces 100-200 stroboscopic times a second. And LED light is a direct conversion of alternating current to direct current, no stroboscopic phenomenon, protection of the eye, to get a "soft" lighting environment.

10. solid light light lamps and lanterns are made of glass, fragile and dangerous.  The LED lamp is made of advanced engineering plastics and aluminum alloy. The semiconductor chip is built with light-emitting, no filament and no glass foam. It is not afraid of vibration, and it is not easy to break.

11., reduce labor costs and reduce wastage. Ordinary daylight lamps often lose many roots in 3-5 years. And when they are damaged, they must invite electricians to replace them. This will not only waste manpower but also increase losses. Small numbers will also accumulate large expenses. And the life of LED lights is 3 years, that is to say, in these 3 years, lamps and lanterns will not be damaged. Even if there are problems, they can also be helped by manufacturers to solve them, which saves labor costs and does not increase losses and reduce business burden.

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